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Honors & Fellowships:

Sponsored by the US State Department, the American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) hosts exchange programs of young prominent leaders across the world. Aribam was selected as an exchange fellow in 2020. In January-February 2020, she observed the US Presidential election processes in Washington DC and Iowa. She attended election rallies of two presidential candidates including President Joe Biden's, observed caucuses in Iowa, and was introduced in the Iowa Senate.

In 2018, Aribam was selected for the inaugural cohort of the prestigious VVEngage Fellowship. Vital Voices is an American NGO founded by Hillary Clinton. The fellowship focuses on advancing women's public leadership. VVEngage Fellows participate in a rigorous online and in-person training, connecting with a global network of peers and mentors. During the programme, Aribam received mentorship from former Prime Ministers Beatriz Merino of PeruJenny Shipley of New Zealand, and Kim Campbell of Canada. Professors of Harvard Kennedy School, amongst others, trained Aribam during the fellowship.

Aribam was named as one of Forbes India's 30 Under 30 in 2017 in the Law, Policy, and Politics category. Forbes described her as someone “fighting racism with elan”. On Aribam's recognition as a 30 Under 30 by Forbes, former Union Minister Dr. Shashi Tharoor said, “As a young lady from Manipur, making her way in politics entirely by dint of her own hard work, Aribam serves as an inspiration to young Indians, particularly from marginalised regions, to join public life, to serve and to make a difference”.

Aribam pursued Masters' in Public Policy from Peking University on a full governmental scholarship during 2017-2018.

SheThePeopleTv listed Aribam among 7 women whom the north-eastern region of India is proud of.

6) Discover Israel - Indian political Spokespersons Delegation (2018):

Aribam was one of the delegates to represent Indian National Congress in Indian political parties' spokerspersons delegation to Israel. The Discover Israel initiative was funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel.

7) Indian National Congress delegation to China (2015):

Aribam was among 10 officials to represent the Indian National Congress in an exchange program carried out by the Communist Party of China in 2015. As part of the delegation, she travelled to Guangzhou, Anhui, and Beijing.

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